"We believe every child is unique and the diversity of our students is what makes Enfield Public Schools exceptional.To thrive and excel, all are welcomed, accepted, respected, and supported."District Equity Statement

Tuesday, December 5, 2023


Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is an early release day including lunch.

Early Release Times:

         Integrated Pre-K AM:      10:55

         Integrated Pre-K PM:      Cancelled

         STEAM Academy:            12:30

         Head Start Part:              11:30

         Head Start Extended 
         and Full Day:                    12:30

         Primary (K-2):                   1:50

         Intermediate (3-5):         1:35

         Middle School:                1:00

         High School:                    12:20

         Eagle Academy:              12:00

         ETLA:                               12:00

Please have someone home to greet the little ones!
ERfC and ECDC will maintain their normal operating hours. 
This does not affect Enfield Adult education classes or any after school activities.