"We believe every child is unique and the diversity of our students is what makes Enfield Public Schools exceptional.To thrive and excel, all are welcomed, accepted, respected, and supported."District Equity Statement


March19, 2014


In Attendance:    Co-Chairs:  Scott Kaupin (Mayor), Tim Neville (BOE);Fred Hall (EPD), Jeffrey Schumann (Superintendent EPS),  Sarah Collins (JFK), Jean Haughey (YouthServices), Cindy Stamm (Enfield Schools), Joy DiMaggio (Enfield High School),  Joan Lawson (Calvary), Miriam Lappen(Fermi), Pam Brown (Social Services), Brendan Walsh (Fermi), Abbie Vita (YouthServices), Bev Harrison (Business owner), Roz Swift (Ministries of Love &Hope), Tom Arnone (Enfield Town Council), Trish Vayda (School Nurse), OmarMuhammad (DCF), Maureen Flanagan (Rockville Juvenile Court), Paul Kindall(CHR), Andrea Mashiak (Youth Services), Jacob Nitch,Alexis McDaniel, Laura Milvae (Enfield High SchoolStudents); Sean Stevens (Leete-Stevens Funeral Home)

CT Suicide Advisory Board (CTSAB) – Jean Haughey

      CT Suicide Advisory Board Updates

      State Evaluation of Enfield’s work Update


       DMHAS announced that they will apply again for Garrett Lee Smith federal grant.  If obtained, there will be more funding for suicide prevention efforts in CT which will be filtered down through community coalitions.  

       Enfield continues to be a model for other communities in suicide prevention and post-vention strategies.  DMHAS previously approached the Town of Enfield to reflect on how the Town handles post-tragedy aftermath.  DMHAS looking for Enfield’s insight and ideas in developing a statewide post-tragedy protocol.  Meeting with DMHAS in January 2014 resulted in DMHAS obtaining previous Enfield Suicide Prevention Steering Committee meeting agendas and minutes; and gaining understanding of our structure. David Denino, DMHAS consultant, will be in touch to schedule next steps in the process.

Family Involvement/Youth at-risk Sub-Committee  -  Jean Haughey (Chair)

       Early Intervention Team (Officer George Marusak)

       Enfield Behavioral Health Co-management project

o   Promotion of universal screenings for depression, suicide, and substance use at 6th grade and up

       Enfield Crisis Response Team

       Data from School PC’s

       Juvenile Arrests in Enfield

       Early Intervention Team (E.I.T.)

o   Abbie created brochure.  Brochure has been printed and is being distributed to Town Hall, Elementary schools, Youth Services, & Police Dept.  Goal of the EIT is to intervene with behaviors, and connect to services in an effort to prevent children from being involved in juvenile justice system

o   Start-up has been successful.  EIT typically meets twice monthly on Mondays at Alcorn school. 

o   Accepting Enfield children in grades K – 8 currently; will soon begin hearing truancy cases

       Enfield Behavioral Health Co-management project

o   Dr. Calnen working with CHDI (Child Health and Development Institute) to utilize EPIC (Educating Practices in the Community) lunch and learn sessions in local pediatrician’s offices. Screenings assess for autism, trauma, developmental screening, behavioral health screening, maternal depression screening, and would also provide connections/referrals for children and families to behavioral health services. 

o   Team is currently working with Mayor Kaupin, Superintendent Dr. Schumann & Pediatrician Dr. Calnen to schedule brief meetings with local pediatricians to promote EPIC presentations and universal screenings, showing support from the Town of Enfield and Enfield Public Schools

o   QPR for nurses was completed on 1/23/14.  Approximately 35 nurses participated

o   Nurses and pediatricians are invited to participate in Opiate 101 training at the Hazardville Fire Station, 4PM-7PM on 4/3/14. 

      Enfield Crisis Response Team

o   Resource brochures for families in the aftermath of a tragic/untimely      death have been finalized and printed; include counseling services, faith-based resources, cleaning services, and temporary housing information.  Brochures to be given out by police or first responders.  Tim asked that brochures also be made available at funeral homes.

o   Jean and Abbie have been added to the Enfield Police Department phone tree and will be called if first responders deem that families/individuals would benefit from crisis counseling at the scene of any untimely death.





       School PC Data

o   Increase in number of children leaving school to hospitals in protective custody.  This shows that teachers and peers are reporting suicidal ideation and mental health concerns.  The Safe Return to School form is being utilized.  Sarah Collins noted that JFK Middle School has been receiving coordination of care calls from CT Children’s Hospital regarding children who have been PC’d.

o   Juvenile Arrests in Enfield

o   Approximately 2/3 of arrests are school-based

o   Maureen presented data showing that being arrested increases the likelihood of future involvement in the justice system

o   Maureen also presented arrest data: African Americans 4x, Hispanics 3x, SPED 3x, impoverished 9x more likely to be arrested

o   Fred suggested that a committee should be created outside of the Suicide Steering Committee to assess JRB/Juvenile arrests. 

o   Tim requested data on arrests – what are youth being arrested for?

o   10 Enfield police officers have received Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) to better work with people who have mental health symptoms; 70 more officers to receive CIT

Students Supporting Students Sub-Committee – John Coccia (Chair)

       Rachel’s Challenge Update


       Rachel’s Challenge Update – Brendan Walsh

o   40 students from Fermi and 25 students from Enfield High are participating in Rachel’s Challenge 2nd Grade Mentor program

o   6 curriculum lessons have been created and mentoring happens at local elementary school twice monthly.  Plan to continue the mentor program next year.

Training Sub-Committee (Best Practices)  -Rich Monterosso  (Chair)

       QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) Updates

       CONNECT Prevention Training FY13-14

       Youth Mental Health First Aid

       Harvard Medical School – School Mental Health Conference

       Opiate 101 Training – 4/3/14, 4-7PM, Hazardville Fire Station

       QPR Updates

o   QPR for school nurses – training occurred on 1/23/14 at EHS

o   2/12/14 – Jean & Abbie facilitated 2 QPR trainings at Town Hall for the lunch & learn series (approx 35 participants)

o   2/19/14 – QPR for EHS students (700 students)

o   2/25/14 – Jean & Abbie facilitated QPR for Senior Center staff

o   3/4/14 – Hazardville Memorial staff QPR training

o   Upcoming trainings for elementary school staff scheduled through June 2014 – all public elementary schools are scheduled

o   4/9/14 – Jean & Abbie to facilitate 2 QPR trainings for Town employees, Town Hall, 11AM & 4PM

o   Fermi High School student QPR in the process of being scheduled

o   Still trying to schedule QPR for JFK staff

       CONNECT Prevention Training FY13-14

o   SAVE THE DATE!  May 1st & 2nd, 2014

       Youth Mental Health First Aid

o   Teaches school administrators how to work with youth exhibiting mental health symptoms.  Discussion around offering this training for administrative staff in Enfield schools next year.

       Harvard Medical School – School Mental Health Conference

o   3 Enfield school administrators, 2 school resource officers, and 2 members of Youth Services attended the 2 day conference on 1/31 & 2/1/14.

       Opiate 101 Training – 4/3/14, 4-7PM, Hazardville Fire Station

o   Nurses and pediatricians are invited to participate. This event is being organized by Trish Vayda, Enfield Police Dept. & Youth Services

Funding Report

      FY13-14 Budget Review

      FY14-15 Budget




      FY13-14 Budget Review

o   Scott reminded committee to get all money transferred and utilized prior to end of fiscal year

      FY14-15 Budget submitted and approved.  Total budget will be $37,500 including a $5,500 increase from last year’s budget for suicide prevention / Rachel’s Challenge



New Agenda Items

      Creating a new sub-committee


o   QPR (Outcomes survey) and Rachel’s Challenge

o   Outcomes , data, creating action plan

      Braiding Substance Abuse Prevention with Suicide Prevention






       All new agenda items being held for next meeting on 6/18/14


Other Community Updates

       No updates


Thank you Everyonefor your Hard Work and Dedication; we’ve accomplished great things!

FutureMeeting Schedule:

6/18/14 @3pm