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Mary Almeida : 2014 - 2015

June 3, 2014


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Press Release
Office of the Superintendent of Schools Enfield Teacher of the Year 2014-15

The Enfield Public Schools is pleased to announce Mary Almeida has been selected as the 2014- 15 Enfield Teacher of the Year. Ms. Almeida is a first grade teacher at Hazardville Memorial School. As a result of this distinction, she will represent Enfield at the state level in the Connecticut Teacher of the Year process.

Ms. Almeida was nominated by Kelley Pellegrini, a fellow teacher at Hazardville Memorial School. Ms. Almeida has been recognized for her commitment to her students. She is known for her high level of effort and the energy she brings into her classroom. During the selection process, the Teacher of the Year Committee recognized her use of technology in her classroom as cutting-edge and innovative. She uses unique and creative strategies to enhance the learning process with her first graders. Ms. Almeida was selected to be part of the district’s iPad Consortium in 2013, a group of innovative teachers working collaboratively to enhance learning through iPad technology. Ms. Almeida is completing her 10th year of teaching in the district and is herself a product of the Enfield Public Schools, having graduated from Enrico Fermi High School. Ms. Almeida received a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Hartford, a Master’s in Elementary Education from Cambridge College, and is currently working on a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies to become a District Technology Coordinator at the University of Connecticut.

We are thrilled to share this honor with you, and wish Mary the best with her future pursuit at the state level.