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Paying iPad Insurance

Option 1: Print out form HERE!
Please make check payable to "Enfield Public Schools"


Option 2Paying iPad Insurance Using MySchoolBucks.pdf

Paying iPad Insurance Using MySchoolBucks

Step 1:

  • Log into your parent PowerSchool Parent Portal Account
    o If you do not have an account: Follow this link for directions

    Or email [email protected] for further assistance

    Step 2:

  • Select the MySchoolBucks icon on the left column of navigation

    o If you have an existing account, you can choose to link it
    o Or just continue to the next page

  • If you have already logged in this way, it will automatically advance to the home page.

    Step 3: Select either Store, or the picture of the iPad Noted as iPad insurance 22-23

Step 4: Select the “Featured Item” at the bottom of the page.

Step 5: From the product page, select your student > and select Buy Now

  • If you have multiple children:

    o Select one student > select Add to Cart > then select the next student and repeat as necessary > then select your shopping cart in the top right corner

  • If you do not see one of your children:
    o Your child is not connected to your PowerSchool account
    o Click here for directions on how to add another student

Step 6: Fill in payment information and select continue to complete the payment.