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Michelle Burlingame

2020 - 2021

2020-21 Teacher of the Year


Michelle Burlingame – Teacher of the Year


Enfield Public Schools is pleased to announce that Michelle Burlingame has been selected as the 2020-21 Enfield Teacher of the Year.  Ms. Burlingame is a Math Teacher, at Enfield High School (EHS), and has been serving the Enfield students and community since 2008.  Because of this distinction, she will be presented at the state level in the Connecticut Teacher of the Year Process.


Ms. Burlingame was nominated by Holli Simmons, fellow educator at Enfield High School.  She has been recognized for her commitment to her students and colleagues and is known for her willingness to help others and an enthusiasm she brings to all facets of her school and community.  During the selection process, the Teacher of the Year Committee recognized her leadership during the transition to distance learning.  The digital supports she provided students and staff go above and beyond the scope of her position.  She has facilitated professional development for staff along with hosting video tutorials to archive.  Additionally, her efforts in collaborating with IT on Microsoft Teams helped further facilitate the distance learning transition.  In her department, Michelle provides materials, insights, and lessons for a newly offered Math Applications coarse where we see engagement increase yearly, as well as her works in the additional classes.  Digitally and in person, creating hands-on and real-world scenarios and projects that interest and foster an appreciation for Math.


Furthermore, her involvement in supporting clubs and athletic programs in EHS and the community extend her level of commitment further.  Leading and coaching the Girls Lacrosse program in Enfield Recreation and as beginning coach at EHS.


We are thrilled to share this honor with you and wish Michelle the best in her future pursuit at the state level.