"We believe every child is unique and the diversity of our students is what makes Enfield Public Schools exceptional.To thrive and excel, all are welcomed, accepted, respected, and supported."District Equity Statement

School Messenger

Welcome to your Enfield Public Schools notification system.

Throughout the upcoming school year we will be sending out these calls, emails and messages via a program called "SchoolMessenger".
Most calls will come with the CallerID: 860-253-6500 (others will have your child's main office number).

You may choose to:

  1.  Block the number(s) to stop the calls 
  2.  Update your information here! 
  3.  Email: [email protected]

Our website and this information system is the fastest and safest way to keep you informed.

Local TV and radio stations assist us as a courtesy, but are not always up to date.

Update or Remove Yourself from SchoolMessenger
->> Complete This Form

>> App for iOS Devices ( iPhone and iPad )

>> App for Android ( Google ) Devices


Create Account

Create your account by clicking here- - - >> Create Account


Login (not managed by EPS)

----->> Login to your SchoolMessenger Account
SM Info Center

Welcome to School Messenger InfoCenter

InfoCenter provides parents, guardians, staff and students with anytime, anywhere access to messages and information sent by Enfield Public Schools. Accessible from any internet-enabled device, InfoCenter visually displays and organizes alerts, notifications and attachments for easy review and reference.

Key Features

  • Add (or delete) up to 5 phone numbers
  • Add up to 5 email addresses
  • Access to current and past messages in their original voice, email or text formats
  • Categorization of messages by student, type and priority
  • The ability to edit messaging preference. For example, receive general announcements by email while receiving emergency messages by phone, email and text.

How do you sign up?

  1. A user (parent, guardian, staff, or student) downloads the School Messenger InfoCenter app to their mobile device or from your browser: https://accounts.relianceco.com/ic/#/createuser
  2. The user enters their school/district registered email address. 
  3. InfoCenter emails the user a code which they then enter to complete the sign-on process. It’s that easy.
  4. Portal Login (after you have created an account):https://infocenter.schoolmessenger.com/
  5. Click on Sign in (upper right hand corner)

Is InfoCenter secure?

The sign-up process creates a secure link between the user and SchoolMessenger®. InfoCenter operates with the latest encryption technology to protect access to stored information. SchoolMessenger is also a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge ( http://studentprivacypledge.org ), which requires us to adhere to 12 stringent data protection standards as a further assurance of our commitment to protecting your data.

Tells me the email address is "not recognized". 

You can update HERE!. After you submit the form, we will forward it to your child's school secretary with your correct email address. It may take up to 24 hours for the system to update the information.

The app tells me I have "no associations":
This is very common. It means that your child's school does not have the correct email on file (it must match the one you used for School Messenger Info Center). Contact your child's school and have them update your records with your email address. It takes about 24 hours to update the system. 

I have a message on the app looking for a "Customer ID":
You selected the wrong app. You need to download the SchoolMessenger® InfoCenter App:
Board of Education - School Messenger

Welcome to School Messenger our official notification system for the Enfield Public Schools. All school messages will be first posted on Twitter (@EnfieldPS) and you can sign-up on our main page and follow us on Twitter.
Our School Messenger is automatic so there is nothing you need to do to activate. You will receive phone calls to your home phone. If you determine that you are missing messages (or you prefer a different number), please contact your child's school to verify that we have the correct phone number on file.

You can manage how you receive messages by using our new School Messenger InfoCenter
  • If you would like to manage how you receive calls then sign-up for InfoCenter
    (details below). You will need a valid email address to be on file with your school. 
  • Download the School Messenger InfoCenter application (not the School Messenger App) for your mobile device
  • Install the app
  • Login using your email ID (must be on file with your school).
Guy Bourassa
Chief Education Technology Officer

Some reasons why the message doesn't get delivered:
Typical reasons for cutoff voicemails.
  • Long gaps of silence at the beginning, middle or end of any answering machine or voice mail greeting.
  • Recordings that sound as if a live person is answering (e.g. “Hello. <<long pause>> We’re sorry, but we’re not available to take your call…”).
  • Calls that are forwarded to other numbers in a way that causes them to be answered twice.
  • Answering machine greetings that begin very loud and then trail off to become very soft causing our system to believe that the greeting message has completed and the answering machine is in the recording mode.

Partial delivery possible causes:

  • Full mailboxes or answering machines.
  • Line echo - encountered most often on digital phone services.
  • Poor cell phone signals.
  • Bad connections on land lines.
  • Answering machines or voice mails that drop calls.
  • Auto-attendant messages that require user interaction to leave messages.
  • Non-standard answering machine beeps.
  • Excessive amounts of background noise.
  • Local phone company switch congestion.