"We believe every child is unique and the diversity of our students is what makes Enfield Public Schools exceptional.To thrive and excel, all are welcomed, accepted, respected, and supported."District Equity Statement

Visual Arts Classroom/Studio Environment & Culture


Visual Arts Classroom/ Studio Environment and Culture

The creative environment established wihtin the visual arts classroom/ studio affects and impacts the overall positive school community. Students are provided with a safe and orderly structure conductive to learning, while respecting self-expression. Student behaviors and attitudes will reflect and support overall school goals, as well as specific departmental standards goals. Students will understand and recognize art as a universal human experience and visual language, in an environment enabling them to attain full potential. They will create in an atmosphere that implements the use of diverse instructional activities. The visual arts classroom/ studio provides the environment in which students develop an understanding of the historical and cultural significance of art making. Ultimately, the visual arts classroom/ studio culture will enable students to understand the connection between art and other disciplines.

Figure Sculptures In Progress