"We believe every child is unique and the diversity of our students is what makes Enfield Public Schools exceptional.To thrive and excel, all are welcomed, accepted, respected, and supported."District Equity Statement

Mentor Program


Make the Most of an Hour

Mentor a Child in an Enfield Public School.

The Enfield Public Schools, with direction and help from The Governor's Prevention Partnership, has developed a school-based mentoring program to service the youth in our community.

Who Can Be a Mentor?

Any adult who would like to help a child grow socially is welcome. Current mentors have a wide variety of backgrounds. Employees of Webster Bank, MassMutual and local firefighters have come on board to be a mentor. Stay-at-home moms, retired teachers, artists and self-employed entrepreneurs have also come forward. Not only will the child you spend time with grow, but you will as well.

Does Mentoring Make a Difference?

Yes it does! Many studies have been done on the effects of mentoring.

One study completed by Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization found that students that met with their mentor on a regular basis for one year, were 52% less likely than their peers to skip a day of school. These same students felt more trusting of their parents, more likely to feel supported and 46% were less likely than their peers to start using illegal drugs.

Parents, teachers and students have all seen what an hour of one-on-one time can do for a student. The program is not a tutoring program, but rather one that is social based. Mentors and mentees spend time talking, playing a game, building a model or working on a craft. The time helps students build their self-esteem, help curb attendance issues and help the students get more out of their overall school experience.

Enfield Mentor Program Process

  1. Attend a 3 hour mentor-training program.
  2. Fill out a written application.
  3. Go through personal and professional reference check.
  4. Have a police and FBI background check completed.
  5. Become paired up with a mentee.
  6. Schedule a time, with mentor program coordinator, to meet with your mentee.
  7. Meet with mentee (only on school grounds).
  8. Listen and take time to get to know your mentee.
  9. Have fun by doing crafts, building with LEGO's, reading a book together or just talking.
  10. Contact the mentor program coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.


Training for the Enfield Public Schools Mentor Program is held throughout the school year. Training sessions can be held at your place of employment for individuals, as well as multiple employees. Training sessions for other members of the public are held at Barnard Elementary School or on an individual basis, as needed. Training for the program involves attending one three-hour training workshop.

If you have one hour a week, during the school day, and would like to help a child reach his or her potential, socially and academically, please call us at either 860-253-4737 or 860-253-6557.  Thank you.

Jennifer Howell, Mentoring Program Coordinator